Working tips from the book “A Mind for Numbers”, Dr. Oakley

I’ve noticed, that sometimes I can read my lecture’s script over and over again, so I understand it well, but when it comes to exercises I can’t remember what steps should I take or can’t answer the questions. Sounds familiar to you?

That was pretty confusing until I read the book “A Mind for Numbers” by Barbara Oakley and watched some videos on studying techniques. Now I know that simply rereading the material is the most inefficient way to memorize anything. I used to study like that all my…

This is what your children will appreciate when they grow up

I’ve recently called up my parents, we got to talk about lots of things, and then I’ve heard from them something like: “Sorry for not giving you more.” We hadn’t talked about money. They meant “give more” in general. I was astonished. How could they even possibly think they gave me and my brother not enough?

My mom, me and my brother sledding
My mom, me and my brother sledding
Photo by the author

I have great parents, that I’m both proud of. Sure, there are no perfect people and there are quite a couple of things I would like to change in them, but you know — we all do. …

You should try them

I am short-sighted since my childhood. It doesn’t bother me that much, but constantly tired and red eyes do. No wonder I am sitting in front of my laptop while studying, working, relaxing, and even eating. Please tell me I’m not the only one!

I read this somewhere on Twitter, but unfortunately doesn’t know the author:

Another day of staring at the big screen while scrolling through my little screen to reward myself for staring at the medium screen all week…

As sad as it is, but it’s true for most of us. So if you are also experiencing dry…

and don’t act like you do

Are you good at comforting people? I have always struggled with this. A friend comes to share his pain with me while going throw tough times, but I have no idea what to say and how to support him.

No one ever told me how to act in such situations, so I’m really uncomfortable when it happens. My mind is panicky searching for the right words, but no matter what I say I feel like I’ve failed as a friend. I know, that being compassionate is the right thing to do, but what does it mean? …

And recover from your stomach issues

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

I know I’m not alone with this problem: I have chronic gastritis. For those, who are not familiar with this term:

Gastritis is an inflammation, irritation, or erosion of the lining of the stomach. It can occur suddenly (acute) or gradually (chronic).

It has started about 4 years ago, and I’ve suffered from the symptoms of gastritis ever since. Till the last year. I’m so happy to tell, that I had no issues with my stomach for already more than a year! You may wonder what has helped me: medicines, healthy food, a secret recipe? Well, the secret recipe was…

Prove me wrong!

Photo by Rachel Park on Unsplash

Yes, it’s oatmeal. I know people who love it (me!) and hate it, but I honestly think if you don’t like oatmeal, you do it all wrong. That’s my absolute favorite breakfast I eat 5 days a week for several years and still can’t get enough. It’s never boring, and how could it be? It’s that yummy! But more importantly — it’s the healthiest breakfast I can imagine.

Here is how you cook your oatmeal right. You need:

  • oat (carbs, fiber, protein, many vitamins and minerals)
  • unsweetened oat milk (is already sweet and it’s much better than milk!)
  • frozen berries…

Or at least that’s what I thought

The last months were harsh for me like for most students: a bunch of exams, cold rainy days plus corona lockdown don’t seem to be a nice combination. As a result, I was left with a feeling of emptiness and dissatisfaction for not being productive enough. Sounds familiar to you? So I ended up doing the most natural thing in that case — nothing. And surprisingly it wasn’t even nearly as critical as I thought!

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash

The ways that bring you to exhaustion during studying

How did I end up feeling so low?

It’s already been a year since the corona happened to…

That’s how you avoid regrets

Don’t support them no matter how much trouble they are, because it means being a good friend. Don’t forgive your family members over and over again, because that’s what family is for. Don’t be polite while sacrificing your desires, because you want to be a good person. Don’t cut your friends/family who became toxic, because psychologists say it’s good for you.

Do that if you decide that is the right thing to do.

Here is an example: you know these stories of two best friends, where no matter how much one has hurt another, the second will save him over…

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